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How to Place the Wii Console

Applies to:  Wii, Wii mini

In this article, you'll learn how to place the Wii console horizontally or vertically.

  • Only Wii consoles with model number¬†are intended to be placed vertically.
  • When deciding which position to place the Wii, consider your home entertainment area, and which position allows enough room for the Wii's internal fan to keep the system cool.
  • The Wii mini does not support the use of a console stand and should always be placed horizontally.

Complete these steps

To place the Wii vertically
  1. Attach the Wii Stand Plate to the bottom of the Wii Console Stand by inserting the prongs into the slots on the bottom of the stand.
    Placing the Wii Console on the Wii Console Stand after attaching the Wii Stand Plate
  2. Firmly slide the Wii Stand Plate into the slots until you hear a click.
  3. Place the console stand on a flat surface and place the Wii console into the stand. Be sure to lower the Wii console straight down into the console stand rather than sliding it in from the front.
To place the Wii horizontally
  1. Place the Wii console on a flat horizontal surface.
    • The rubber feet should be facing down, the POWER Button should be on the left, and the disc slot should be on top.
      Wii Console oriented horizontally
  2. Keep the Wii Console Stand and Wii Stand Plate in case you later want to switch the Wii console's position to a vertical setting.
  3. If you plan on playing Nintendo GameCube games with your Wii while it is in the horizontal position, you must remove the controller socket cover to allow the console to lay completely flat.
To place the Wii mini
  1. Place the Wii console on a flat horizontal surface. The rubber feet should be facing down, and the POWER Button and OPEN Button should be on the top of the console.
  2. Ensure there is enough clearance above the Wii mini for the disc tray to fully open.
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