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Over the Hedge - Nintendo GameCube Game
When a housing development intrudes on their woodland habitat and an opossum is kidnapped by an evil exterminator, three wise-cracking rodents and one very neurotic reptile invade the 'burbs in a quest to rescue their friend. Battle the exterminator and...
Pokemon Channel - Nintendo GameCube Game
In Pokemon Channel, you along with a wild Pikachu are test viewers for a new Pokemon television channel. As the game progresses, more channels will become available to you. You can also win money, buy merchandise, and visit other places...
Tak and the Power of Juju - Nintendo GameCube Game
An ancient prophecy foretells that the Moon Juju, the kind protector of the Pupanunu people, would be weakened by the evil Tlaloc, an embittered Pupanunu shaman, so he could turn the Pupanunu people into sheep as revenge for not being...
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 - Nintendo GameCube Game
Training is over. The battle begins! Experience the world of Naruto like a real ninja by facing off in head-to-head battles. Master your ninja skills in the 14 gameplay modes, including Versus Mode, Story Mode, and Training Mode, taking on...
Mystic Heroes - Nintendo GameCube Game
Mystic Heroes is a fighting action game, similar to Koei's Dynasty Warriors. Players can perform melee attacks and element spells, which become more powerful with continuous use. The game has eight stages. There are four playable characters, and four unlockable...
Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo - Nintendo GameCube Game
Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo is the first video game featuring Aardman Animations' popular characters Wallace & Gromit. The game was developed by Frontier Developments for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Microsoft Windows. The game also features the...
BloodRayne - Nintendo GameCube Game
BloodRayne is a third-person action title starring a secret operative whose mission is to wipe out opposing threats to world security. As female agent BloodRayne, players will be able to tap into her natural talents for hunting down enemies by...
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - Nintendo GameCube Game
Now you can cruise through LA without loading levels or stopping gameplay in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. You can skate or BMX through a new story mode that takes you through all-new skate areas using tricks that have never appeared...
Hunter: The Reckoning - Nintendo GameCube Game
Set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, Hunter: The Reckoning lets you take the role of one of four different hunters--Deuce, a biker ex-con; Father Cortez, a prison chaplain; Kassandra, a raver chick; and Samantha, a tough ex-cop. Armed with...
The Simpsons: Road Rage (Platinum Hits) - Microsoft Xbox Game
Excellent Condition Gameplay Tested Satisfaction Guaranteed Mr. Burns is up to his greedy ways in Simpsons Road Rage, purchasing Springfield's busses and jacking up the fares. Now, Springfield residents must turn their cars into cabs and work the streets. Hopefully,...
Ride to Hell: Retribution - PlayStation 3 (PS3) Game
Excellent Condition Gameplay Tested Satisfaction Guaranteed Ride to Hell: Retribution is a no holds barred brawler set in the tumultuous age of the 1960's. A lone rider, Jake Conway, is locked in a battle to the death against a ruthless...
FIFA Street 3 - PlayStation 3 (PS3) Game
Excellent Condition Gameplay Tested Satisfaction Guaranteed Featuring over 250 of the world's best players representing 18 of the top international teams, each player has been rendered into a stylized caricature with heroic qualities. Decked out in authentic training kits, every...

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