How to Change the Sound Settings – Your Gaming Shop

Applies to:  Wii, Wii mini

In this article, you'll learn how to change the sound output.

Note: In order to experience stereo or surround sound, the proper home equipment must be installed.

Complete these steps

  1. Access System Settings.
  2. Select Sound.
    The Stereo button highlighted on the Sound System Settings Menu
  3. Select the desired sound output method.
    • Mono:¬†For use a TV or audio system that does not broadcast in stereo.
    • Stereo:¬†This option is used for a stereo (Left and Right Channel) TV or home stereo system.
    • Surround:¬†The Wii console supports Dolby Prologic II for simulated surround sound. This option is for a surround sound setup.
  4. Select Confirm to save the changes.
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