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Applies to:  Wii, Wii mini

In this article, you'll learn how to complete the initial setup of parental controls.

Note: To input text, select the white text box to access the on-screen keyboard. Select OK to close it.

Complete these steps

  1. Access System Settings.
  2. Click the blue arrow on the right to access Wii System Settings 2.
  3. Select Parental Controls and Yes.
    The Wii System Settings screen displaying on page 2
  4. Click Ok three times to begin setup.
  5. Input the desired PIN and select OK.
  6. Input the PIN again and select OK.
  7. Select a secret question and click OK.
  8. Input the answer and select OK.
  9. Select Game Settings and PIN then The Highest Game Rating.
  10. Use the blue arrow to scroll through the ESRB ratings.
    The Parental Controls settings screen displaying the game rating selection
  11. Select the desired rating restriction and OK.
  12. Select Confirm.
  13. Select Other Settings and OK.
  14. For each setting select Do not restrict or Restrict and Next to proceed.
    • Some features will not appear until the Wii Console is connected to the Internet.
  15. Once all selections are made, select Confirm.
    The Parental Controls settings screen displaying the confirmation screen
  16. Select Settings Complete to save the changes.
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