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Sell us your video games for cash online and get paid fast. We'll buy or trade everything you have, including used Nintendo NES games, N64 consoles, as well as playstation and Xbox collections, no matter how big or small. Experience the best place for selling games and consoles with fast quotes, free shipping and personalized support.

  • Get Competitive Price Quote
  • Ship For Free ($20 trade-in minimum)
  • Get Paid in 2 Days (after receipt)¬†


Just email us a list of what you have to sell!

Here are some examples of things we are looking to buy: 

1) Video Games - including cases, boxes, manuals and other inserts 
2) Consoles/Systems 
3) Wires - such as power cords, AV/HD/HDMI cables, controller wire extensions 
4) Controllers 
5) Strategy Guides 
6) Posters, art books, trading cards 
7) Accessories - memory cards, adapters, carry cases, chargers, etc. 

Basically if it has to do with video games, there's a good change that we'll buy it from you. 

Ready to get paid top dollar for your video games? Follow these easy 3 steps below to get started.

STEP 1: Obtain a price quote via  email

For the sake of time and accuracy, we do not offer price quotes over the phone. However, for your convenience you can obtain a quote from us via email.

TIP - How to maximize your offer:

A) Give a detailed description - Probably the most important thing you can do is to be as detailed as possible when listing what you have for sale. For example, if your copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for PS3 includes the original case/manual, be sure to state that. Games with cases/manuals are worth more than ones without them. Does your Nintendo Wii include the AC/AV Cables and the Sensor Bar? State that as well. Our price quotes are based entirely off what you tell us, so the more information you give us, the more money we can give you.

B) Take quality pictures - You've heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words?" When it comes to gaming price quotes, a picture may be worth a thousand dollars. Pictures should include shots from different angles and with sufficient lighting.

C) Be accurate - While we prefer to buy things that are in either gently used or new condition, we do buy things that are damaged, defective or broken. Over the years we have learned how to repair things, or how to break them down for parts. However, if you send us something that is broken/damaged/defective without first telling us, it will most likely effect what we pay you.

STEP 2: Sending your package

One of the beautiful things about selling video games to is that you don't have to meet with creepy people locally.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you package everything up as safely and securely as possible. We are not responsible for packages that either get lost in transit, or arrive damaged. By neglecting to properly package your games you will lose money, as your package will be returned to you at your cost.

TIP - How to safely package your games:

A) Use a proper box - If you are shipping out video game systems or other heavy items, then you are going to want to use a thicker box instead of a thin one. Additionally, don't use boxes that already have holes in them or are flimsy as they most likely won't survive the trip. Also, be sure the size of your box is appropriate to the size of the item you are sending.

B) Packaging material - Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are your best friends when it comes to safely packaging your games. Be sure to wrap all systems in bubble wrap, as it protects your video game system but also protects your controllers and other things from getting damaged by the weight of your video game system.

C) Proper placement - Put your heaviest items on the bottom of the box, and the lighter things on top of them. If something is fragile it is wise to put that item into a small box and then place that small box in your larger one. You may also want to use a marker and write "THIS SIDE UP" on your box to assist delivery personnel in handling your package.

D) Reinforcing corners with extra tape - In all areas where one flap of the box meets another, tape should be used. But sometimes one piece of tape isn't enough. Depending on the size and contents of the box, reinforcing certain areas with additional tape can save your box from opening up and spilling out. 

STEP 3: Receive your payment

After we receive your package and verify everything is accounted for and as described, you will receive payment. This process takes up to 24 hours from the day we receive your package, but not more than that. We pay our customers with Paypal, and send payments via the "Friends and Family" function so that you don't incur any additional deductions for using the Paypal service. If you aren't already registered with Paypal, or if you want to find out additional information about their service, please visit

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