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Even though it took a while for me to receive my tracking number because I didn’t know that it wa...

I’m just thankful that it was on time and I’m glad that everything was good and not damaged

Need for Speed: ProStreet - PlayStation 3 (PS3) Game

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Microsoft Xbox 360 Game

Super Mario Galaxy - Nintendo Wii Game

Great All Around

Finding older games for out of generation consoles can often be a pain, but I couldn’t be any happier with the service I received. Consistent tracking information from the moment of purchase all the way until the delivery. The delivery was even early! Disk in great condition to be so old and also used.

We love Pete the Cat

All the local stores in my area are sold out of this Tonie, so I was thrilled to find it for regular price (not marked up like on eBay and other reseller sites). Shipping was fine. Very appreciative of this seller.

A True Classic

I wasn’t fortunate enough to get a Dreamcast during the system’s initial run, but I did get one a few months back. I had NHL 2K already, so might as well complete the set. This game is a huge improvement over NHL2K, which was already an awesome game. The graphics and gameplay are much smoother and even the crow noises are better. What I enjoy the most about this game is that it’s a pure hockey sim. There aren’t micro transactions and other such BS, which exists only to separate the gamer from more of their hard earned cash. There are no player packs, just old school smash mouth hockey. Unfortunately they don’t make them like this anymore.

The shopping experience was truly top shelf. The selection of Dreamcast games was good and priced reasonably. There were multiple shipping options and everything arrived on time. The game was packaged securely and worked right out of the box. I will be buying more this shop.

A true hidden gem on the Genesis

Bubba n Stix is a really fun, really unique cartoony adventure/platformer that started life on the Amiga and came in great shape to the Genesis. If you haven't played it, you should!

Games came in great condition

I love nba 2k11 and the game came in great condition and shape

Pro Disc Repair
Leon S Gottlieb

Pro Disc Repair

Halo 2 - Microsoft Xbox Game

NCAA football 2006 ps2

Game was in great condition and delivery time was accurate

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - PlayStation 2 (PS2) Game

Pro Disc Repair
Rafael Garcia Lua
Almost a 5 star

I sent two discs in for repair, one of the discs was able to be saved successfully, the other not so much. I would have liked it better if my discs were fixed and sent back to me faster than it took. Took a whole month to get them back. But I’m glad I was able to get one of the discs successfully repaired.👍

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - PlayStation 1 (PS1) Game

There was a little problem with shipping but it was made right I really appreciate it

Madden NFL 06 - Xbox 360 Game

Still the best adapter to use for HDD

The adapter was in great condition. Was able to install the SATA adapter to it and the Ethernet cord as well to double up on internal 2tb + 4tb external for SMB.

ESPN NFL 2K5 - PlayStation 2 (PS2) Game

Wii Sports Resort going strong!

I was a little concerned about ordering this product. It was the best price found after shopping around. Next, my payment was processed before my product shipped. Just as I thought I was scammed, I received news my product was shipped. The game came in the original case and with the instruction booklet. I was very surprised the case and book was in a like new state. The only thing I didn't like about this product was it was a motion plus game. I was so excited to have found the game I didn't recognize it was a motion plus version. I had to purchase the motion adapter and jacket prior to trying out the games. I have received the adapters and jackets and have enjoyed playing Wii Sports Resort ever since. I feel confident that I could purchase from Your Gaming Shop again.

X-Men: Next Dimension - PlayStation 2 (PS2) Game

Review for the Ps2

Great purchase, the item received is in perfect condition and plays really well


Great game underrated in my opinion

Halo 3 - Xbox 360 Game

Great Option Among Others Online

I was looking to buy a Wii for a reasonable price online, and I found several options among the many online gaming stores out there. The Wii from Your Gaming Shop had a very competitive price and included accessories that cost extra at other sites. I enjoy having the Wii from Your Gaming Shop and was blessed to find a great deal.

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